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The surroundings

Around the house

The Bachilianne mountain pasture

(1712 mètres)

The alpine hut can accommodate hikers

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The Col de la Samblue

(1474 mètres)

Viewpoint at the Jenabran orientation table (1597 mètres)

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The Châtel ou Bonnet de Calvin

(1937 mètres)

Magnificent panoramic view of the Trièves, the Vercors and the Écrins

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The Obiou

(2790 mètres)

Various hikes are possible for trained walkers
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Nearby to the west

The Léon Ninette horse farm

(3 km away)

Welcomes you all year round for rides and training
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The puppet village

(2.5 km away)

In Châtel-en-Trièves, young and old will experience the magic of puppets
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The O'Talon café épicerie

(7 km away)

«A place where you can come to exchange, get information, discover local products… »

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Mens, capital of the Trièves

(12 km away)

Stroll through its old streets and visit the Trièves museum

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The Masserange arboretum

(9 km away)

Discover the diversity of alpine species and splendid panoramas on the Trièves

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The Terre Vivante ecological centre

(19 km away)

Visit the organic and educational gardens, training courses

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The Giono museum

(27 km away)

«I particularly like the Trièves. This tormented plain which extends in a triangle under the Obiou and the Grand Ferrand.» Jean Giono, 1935

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The lake of Monteynard-Avignonet

(33 km away)

650 hectares of turquoise water for windsurfing, cruising or walking on the Himalayan footbridge circuit
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The little train of La Mure

(19 km away)

Since 1888 … the most beautiful line in the Alps !
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The Mount Aiguille

(40 km away)

Mythical summit of the Dauphiné whose first ascent in 1492 marked the starting point of mountaineering
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Nearby to the east

The Sautet lake

(10 km away)

This 350 hectare lake is situated at an altitude of 765 metres. Its nautical base allows the practice of numerous activities (canoeing, kayaking, sailing, swimming…).
You can also discover the belvedere, the information area of the Sautet dam and the via ferrata

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The Maison du patrimoine of Pellafol

(5.5 km away)

Before exploring 2,000 years of history, you can have a drink in the old café at the entrance of the museum

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The Napoleon route

(12 km away)

Follow in the footsteps of Napoleon Bonaparte on the route that took him from Golfe Juan to Grenoble in March 1815

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The old city center of Corps

(11.5 km away)

A lively village on the Route Napoléon

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The Gillardes springs

(14 km away)

With a maximum flow of 50m3 per second, this is one of the most important Vauclusian type springs in France

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The sanctuary of Notre-Dame de la Salette

(26 km away)

In this valley perched at an altitude of 1800 metres, the Virgin Mary appeared to two young children in 1846. It is now one of the main shrines dedicated to Mary.
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And if you wish to continue exploring the surrounding valleys and alpine massifs